Friday, March 19, 2010

I Miss Iqaluit.

All bets were on us never coming back.

I've been looking at St Patty's Day pictures from the pub and pictures that our new roomate (Brian, Steph's Brother) has sent and it has made us miss home. I know technically we "are home" but, our new home is Iqaluit and it's where we wish we were.

We took a trip back to Ontario, then Florida, then Vegas for a plethora of reasons. We're on the home stretch of our vacation and we can't wait to get back.

Sure, the Coffee is better and the prices are cheaper but, I'll take expesive dinners over traffic-jams and noisey roads anyday. I know it's hard to believe that a place so cold could feel so warm but, it's the truth.

Monday, March 1, 2010


I'm sure there's a diagnosis for this but, after you're up here a while, you can start to notice the people who aren't or haven't been for very long. Their questions seem silly and there tendencies make you smile. They all expect to have the conveniences they had at home and when the luxuries aren't found, they either chuckle in disbelief or throw a fit.

"What do you mean there's no beer store?"

I choose to criticise this issue publicly because when we chose to move up here we did our homework. If I was still in Ontario and was planning a week-long trip up here, I'd still do the same research and tap the same resources because the area is so remote and the way of life is so different. More over, the people that usually ask the most ridiculous questions are the people who have an incredible amount of clout; policemen and women, lawyers, doctors, GN workers, biologists . . . the list goes on.

"I didn't think it was going to be THIS cold..."

Coincidentally, we're about to return home for the first time since we arrived. I'm curious to see how much of a shock the "south" is for us. Believe me, I have a list of things that I have to do when I'm home and yes, a lot of them include some pretty immaterial things but, I'm wondering how we'll feel about it all. Will we miss the conveniences or have we come to love our new way of life?

I write this today feeling somewhat like a hypocrite. I don't mean to put my nose up or to knock anyone because it does take living up here to really grasp the way things are up here. Working in the hospitality industry up here gives me a clear insight to some people's niavety and ignorance but, I don't fully blame them. It just amazes me to see how some people are so knowledgable and others are completely oblivious. Between the YouTube Videos and the Northern Blogging community, there isn't a stone left unturned.

At the bar I continually tell travelers, hotel guests, and passer-bys that our blogs are the "go-to" resource guides to traveling to and from the Nunavut communities. During the G7 a lot of questions were thrown my way. I offered the same answer whether the person was German, American, British or Canadian:

"Google: 'Northern Nunavut Blog' . . . find one, and search them all."