Monday, April 18, 2011


I bought a Mac . . .

We're watching Mad Men . . .

I'm 2/3 of the way through the Steig Larsson trilogy . . .

The amazing thing is, each are equally amazing. I can't believe I/we put any of these things off for any length of time. The funny thing is, you hear about these things and you always say "I gotta see that . . . I gotta get that . . . I gotta read that" but, then when you finally get around to it you think "why didn't I see . . .get . . or read that before"

Such a Cliche.

I've also reached the obsessive stage with the Mumford & Sons album and we're "eating clean". I can't stop watching "Extreme Couponing" and there's something about "Pawn Stars" that my Dad was right about. MY DAD! I used to FIND these things not hear about them second hand.

Next up . . . Breaking Bad, The Hunger Games, and something about Yoga in a heated room!

Lately . . .

I'm pathetic.

I haven't even managed to "blog" yet this year. Jesus. What's the use?

Truth is, lately it feels like we're just passing the time. The longer we're up here the more we are used to the twists and turns of the city. Our lives are mostly consumed with work and our time off is usually spent taking things relatively easy. We're at that stage now where we have things so simplified that there's nothing really to write about. We're happy, you know?

The first 6 months up here were such an adjustment. The 6 that followed were the months we spent finding our bearings and now, the last 9 have been a breeze. I can't believe I've almost been at my "new job" for a year now. It still feels like yesterday that I started there.

Maybe this is part of the cycle. Perhaps the time you spend up here inevitably leads you to finding a copacetic state of mind where you can tune out the nasty side of the north and make it your own to enjoy. I can only speak for myself but, I think that's the key to success up here.