Sunday, January 31, 2010

Iqaluit Helps Haiti: Cancelled

. . . it's hard to raise funds in a blizzard.

Unfortunately I had to cancel. The weather was dangerously bad and there were a lot of people giving up their time to help and I worried about their safety. We were all set and ready to go ahead with the plans but, it just wouldn't have been worth the risk. I will re-schedule as soon as I can but, keep in mind that there is a lot coming up so I don't know when exactly would be a great day however, the drawing board is up and we'll know more later.

You can always donate . . .anytime . . . just go to for all the information you need.

Thanks for everyone's support and the great press we received from everyone in town. It was heartbreaking to post-pone with all the work that went into it this week but, you can't do anything about the weather.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Iqaluit Helps Haiti: Update 3

The Line-up is set up.. . the venues are excited . . . the town is buzzin' . . . it's all happening.

I'm proud of this....
Check out the CBC news page and article
.....they wrote about the benefit. They're also playing clips of the interview on CBC AM radio 1230

Check out our poster:

Steph was the main designer!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Iqaluit Helps Haiti: Update 2

This post will get updated all day . . .

The Date is 100% this Saturday (January 30th).


The Elks Lodge
The Kickin Caribou./ Waters' Edge
The Royal Canadian Legion

Tentative Times: 5pm - 10;45pm (Waters' Edge)
7pm - 1am. (The Elks Lodge)

Rotating entertainment, both local and traditional. Each venue will have at least 6 different artists.

. ..still no word from the ever-so-communal Raven Rock!!


Karen MacKenzie is a goddess.



Just finished an interview with CBC (am 1230). What a class act the interviewer was . . . incredibly supportive, fun and genuine.

_ ----------------------------------------------------------------

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Iqaluit Helps Haiti : Update 1

It took a LOT of negotiating and a lot of compromise but, what seemed like an impossible task just became a solid reality.

For the first time in years 3 competitors of Iqaluit's Bar industry have agreed to work together. For those of you from town, you know how the bars here can be stubborn when it comes to being forthcoming to the other bars. The judgements and prior conflicts have all been pushed aside for a demonstration of unity.

January 30th 2010 . . that's this Saturday. The Waters' Edge/Kickin' Caribou, The Elks Lodge and the Royal Canadian Legion will work together to help raise funds for the struggles in Haiti. I've contacted the Canadian Red Cross and have set up arrangements to work along side them for this event. Every single donation made right down to the last penny will be donated directly to the Red Cross.

All 3 venues will be hosting Iqaluit's finest arts performers of every kind. Each location will begin opening their doors for this event at 5pm. I've chosen to not sell admission tickets, but instead sell prize tickets at the events. 2 of the 3 venues are members-sign in but, that doesn't mean the general public can't be a part of the events. Members of both venues have offered up their "Sign-Ins" to anyone willing to come out and participate.

Tomorrow you'll see posters, and you'll see donation bins, and you'll be a little bit overwhelmed by the display of advertisements but, it's only a way to try and encourage the people to come help out and join in. There isn't a goal we need to reach and I'm more than aware that people and places have already contributed but, it's quintessential that the giving and the care surpass the T.V. showcases and CNN red alerts. Just because the weekend is over doesn't mean that the struggle in Haiti is as well.

Canada has raised more than 67 million dollars already which was matched by the government. Let's contribute more to that already impressive number and put our own northern stamp on the funds headed south.

Thanks everyone. Big Update tomorrow. . . . talk to you then

Friday, January 22, 2010

Iqaluit Helps Haiti

. . .that's what I want to do.

I've pulled my hair out trying to round up the many events/benefits/fundraisers that are going on plus, organizing one myself. I'm currently planning an "Aid through our Arts" event featuring Iqaluit's finest musicians, singers, artists, poets, dancers, ANYBODY artistic.

I could really use the help of the greatest blogging community alive. In the minutes,hours, and days to follow, I'll be posting different pieces of this event as it comes together. If you could help me in the following 3 ways, it would do so much to help my efforts:

1) Do you want to participate? Musically . . . artistically? Let me know.
Do you know someone who would want to participate musically . . .artistically?
Do you have the contacts for people, organizations, clubs, or people who would like to participate?

2) Do you know of an event that's going on? . . .this would help me rope us all together because it seems as though we are all trying to help individually . . . plus, this way I don't double book.

3) BUZZ . . . please help the pulse of this by generating buzz. Obviously you'll have more to tell as I get calls back and confirmation but, the more buzz I have, the more money we'll raise.

So far this is what we/I have:

3 Venue Event . . . Circulating Artists of every kind . . . all proceeds going to Red Cross and a local Haitian family here in Iqaluit who've been directly affected by the events in Haiti . . .12 hours of entertainment . . . on A Saturday as early as the 30th. . . Musicians confirmed . . . Venues confirmed . . .

Now I want to fill in every space with all the great things Iqaluit has to offer. Visual Arts, music, people, stories, writings, findings, carvings, everything . . .

Now, if Raven Rock gets around to e-mailing me back . . . we'd have a large scale medium to broadcast this from.

Wish me luck . . . and thanks for your time.

Iqaluit Help Haiti

9:13am: Red Cross reached. Calling back.

10:22am: Waters' Edge/Kickin Caribou first to grant permission, happy to help.

10:45am: Raven Rock unreachable by phone, detailed e-mail sent.

10:51am: Message left with Elks Lodge

11:04am: 2 artists confirmed.

11:23am: Red Cross returns call, happy with arrangements. Emblem and logo permission pending.

11:42am: 3 artists confirm.

12:01pm: Does anyone know how to reach the Throat Singing offices?

12:07pm: Royal Canadian Legion interested in event, however are booked for the 30th.

12:28pm: Meeting with Elks Lodge set for Sunday at 3:30pm

12:32pm: Lekan (local DJ and Nova employee) eagerly offers his graphic design assistance

12:46pm: Legion has cleared the evening, second to join.

1:17pm: Elks agrees, Trian is formed!

Monday, January 18, 2010

50 Below Zero

. . . No joke.

If there is anything I'll take from our experience up here it's that I stood the test of the coldest temperature I've ever faced and smiled. Yesterday it reached a low of -52 according to Environment Canada and although I had slight frost bite on my cheeks and a beard full of icicles, my face was a happy one as it defrosted.

It's just incredible. Winds that pull and push you around, visibility of no more than 10 feet. I loved it. I know I sound crazy but, since the weather has become worse, I've actually walked around town a lot more. I was actually disappointed in myself when I forgot to bring my cameras with me on my excursion to work yesterday. Of all the things we've captured on film, that was one I wish I had been able to post. I've learned my lesson however . . . camera with me at all times!

The downside to the cold (one of many) is that it's become Pipe Bursting season. Many have fallen and succumb to the heavy flow of water and the pricey cost of Iqaluit plumbers. . . our building included.

You know, to be honest, I used to complain about the cold all the time in Ontario but, never did I ever imagine seeing and experiencing temperatures like this. People freeze to death in this weather . . . skin gets frost bite in a matter of minutes, if not seconds . . . there is no "Brrrrrr!" there's only "GOOD GOD!".

But even still, this town is beautiful. Slush and salt isn't anywhere to be found on the roads and the snow stays an epic white colour. Everything is maginificently winterized and warmly covered in snow. It may be cold but, this town warms my life up. I really couldn't be happier anywhere else in the world. People said "the charms wears off after a while; give it a few months" but they were wrong. I work in a place where you sometimes see the worst side of Iqaluit but, maybe that's why the better side looks that much better.

Pictures coming soon . . .

Happy New Year everybody.