Monday, July 26, 2010

Saying Goodbye

Last week we said goodbye to not only a friend but, the first friend we made up here.

Jaime was our resource when we were planning this journey. She became a guide for us as we planned and finally,after we got here she became our friend. A friend we would've liked to have spent more time with but, a friend nonetheless.

I thought it be appropriate that we say goodbye on our blog since it was Jaime's blog that convinced us to make this journey. When we arrived she was nice enough to welcome us over some wings and a few drinks. Since then we've curled with Jaime, played badminton, and I'm sure we've frustrated her with our up and downs while we've adjusted during our first year up here.

Jaime has found love and is pursuing it no matter where the journey leads her. She's brave and we wish her nothing but the best in her next steps. We'll miss her and we thank her for all her help.

Good luck Jaime.

1 comment:

Jaime said...

Aww shucks you guys! This was nice, thank you.

Let me know when you're down in Ontario, Milton isn't too far from Sarnia.