Monday, February 27, 2012

"The Racquet Club"

About a year ago, Steph and I "bit the bullet" and decided to become members of The Frobisher Bay Racquet Club. We had talked about it over the course of last year but waited out to see if it would fit our lifestyles once we were more grounded here in Iqaluit.

We'd heard it was crazy expensive.

We heard it was a "white supremacy"

We heard it was "cult like".

It's not true.

The initiation fee is higher than you'd find at most gyms but, you're not paying for a gymbership, you're paying club fees. I think the misconception comes from people wanting to going the club for it's gym, then expecting gym-like prices. But it's a CLUB, everyone there is a member. If it feels exclusive, it's because it is!

The food at the club is good and the prices are easily the cheapest in town. They are even better considering the amount of food you get. Drinks are cheaper, there's wireless internet, pool table, tanning beds, satellite T.V., gym, courts etc etc. It's small but, it's a club. If you go to anywhere where they have the club setup, you'll find that the initiation fees are usually pretty high. This is for income security. Some people join a gym, pay the first month, and never go back. So yes, it's pricey up front but, it runs us under $200 a month to both be members.

Steph and I have looked to improve our health. Steph is a little more successful than I am since I'm a little more . . umm . . ."social" so, we find that the club is really beneficial. Steph likes to go there to study because it's quiet and I've found that I actually like getting excercise.

There are large comparisons between the Racquet Club and Atii Fitness. They each have strenghts and weaknesses. I've been a member at both but, I've found my permanent home with the Racquet Club. I think if you can stomach the initiation fees, you'll find that it's a worth investment.

Go see Rob . . .He'll give you the tour, set you up and always treat you like gold.

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