Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Beginning . . .

It all started with an Idea . . . Nunavut.

We'd moved away together before but, nothing like this. Steph's a Nurse, and a great one at that. Her experience and talent allows her the freedom of choice when it comes to her career. I'm so proud of her for that. I'm a musician and a student who's chopping away at an English Degree. We both felt like a change and an adventure would do us good. Steph and I have taken the long way to get where we are but, we've found a good place in each others hearts again and we've decided it's time to start a life together. We've chosen Nunavut for it's challenge, it's landscape, and the great work opportunity at Steph's hands.

I've decided to start this little memoir after feeling inspired by the NUNAVUT NEWBIE Blog ( Steph and I spent hours going through the archive and it changed our whole perspective in a really positive way. So, since this is our first post . . .Thank you Jamie.

Steph doesn't even know I've started this yet . . . and who knows if people will read. If nothing else, it's a great way for our friends to stay up-to-date with where and how we are. Speaking of which . . . Steph has an Interview with the Hospital she applied to and, for the first time in years, I had to send out resumes. Oh boy! Here's hoping . . . We've talked over our options based on what work we find. A lot of the other stories we've read have couples in situations where one has had to move for the sake of the others job. Our situation is a little different but, it's really difficult to organize and plan ahead when you don't know where "ahead" is. One thing we've both learned over the past year is how essential it is to communicate with each other. Opening up has been nothing short of rewarding. It seems as though the more I make my worries and insecurities clear to Steph, the closer it brings us and vice versa. I think sometimes love isn't about how much you're willing to change but, how much you're willing to let someone change you.

I hate long posts so . . . First one down, a lifetime more to go.

Thanks for reading

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Good luck to you guys!