Saturday, April 24, 2010

Has it really been 8 Months?

It all flew by. . .

8 months have felt like 2 weeks. It's like the feeling you get on your last day of vacation but, ours isn't over yet. Life in the north has been a never ending surprise of turns and events that we've come to realise will have an everlasting affect on the both of us.

Getting to know this part of Canada was a risk we'd would take all over again. We call it a risk because when we first decided to take this journey, we were both scared. Our first few months were rocky, isolated, and stressful both individually and as a couple but, when the smoke cleared, we came out better and stronger. This place has that affect on you. Maybe there's something inspiring in the beauty of the white that covers your life most of the year or maybe the people you meet here move you with their experiences. Maybe the never ending dark months and the endless days of sunlight help eliminate the grey areas in your life. Anyway you look at it, Iqaluit will change you.

Friends have come and gone and are still coming and going. We've said goodbye to a few already and we're about to say goodbye to a very important one. The hardest part about being up here is that you miss your old life, old town, and old friends. But, what's even harder is meeting new people and knowing that your relationships or friendships may have an expiry date. It's the bittersweet part of life in the north. I will promise you that some of the people you meet up here are truly inspirational people. The musicians, the journalists, even the people at the Post-Office are great great people. Some of the friends we've made up here will definitely be people we'll know for a very long time. You'd never expect to meet people who fit in so well with you and who you are but, they're up here and it's great.

8 months later Iqaluit was still the right choice. It's been up and down but, we're still up. We miss home, we miss Tim Horton's and we'll always miss High Speed Internet but, we still love it up here. We'd still tell anyone and everyone that it's worth coming.

Thank you Iqaluit.

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