Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Muddy North

The warm front is finally here.

It brought a little ash with it but we're not about to complain.

Everywhere you go now you need your rubber boots. Iqaluit feels more like a city of slush than it does a city of the north. "Soaker" is a common phrase in our house lately and with the melting snow comes falling ice. I don't mean little pieces of snow or icicles, I mean body sized chunks of ice. Last week a piece nearly crushed me; I ended up taking pics of the debris left behind me. If I hadn't have been reaching for my keys, I probably would've been crushed. Seriously.

But now that the ice on the roof is gone, there's only the snow left. These falling chunks of compacted snow have become our new source of entertainment. Every half hour or so we hear what sounds like a falling human being from our roof. The cats jump, a shadow flies by, and a loud WHOOSH grabs our attention. It's nice enough to leave the windows open lately so we've been doing so and when we're really lucky, a body hits the open window and we all get the living daylights scared out of us.

I'll try and tone down the dramatics here but, a part of me thought we'd never see warm weather again. The cold and the snow has just become so common and routine for us. With all the melting and mud, I actually felt surprised to see it. I think it had set in that the warm fronts where going to be short but, I think a part of me had finally become okay with them never coming. I think I might miss the snow once it goes. I know Steph won't!

Since my blogging has become sparse at best, there's actually a lot to write about. Steph's brother Brian has moved in with us and has adjusted to working in the north well. It's nice having another guy around. We males like to consume large amounts of chips and play copious amounts of video games in packs so, Jordan is happy.


Milton Mom said...


Milton Mom said...

Great blog......as always. Missing you guys alot, however life goes on. I failed as a parent to warn you about falling ice.....the book I read said "tell them not to eat yellow snow". Who knew you were going to the land of freezing cold. I'll do better next time. LY