Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Capital Suites

The Hotel industry up here is as competitive as anything you'll experience. There are 5 main places to stay:

- The Hotel Arctic (Formerly the NOVA INN)

- The Frobisher Inn

- The Discovery Lodge

- The Navigator Inn

- The Capital Suites

I've stayed or spent time at all of them. When we first moved up here we had the "privilege" of staying at the Navigator Inn and I used to work inside the building of the now Hotel Arctic. We frequently eat at the Discovery Lodge and I've had friends or company associates stay there while the Frobisher Inn is somewhere we've had friends stay and live and we've both spent time there.

I'd be lying if I said that the quality of all the hotels is close. It's not.

There isn't anywhere else to stay other than at CAPITAL SUITES. It's hands down the best lodging you will find here in Iqaluit. Sure, sure, if you ask the people who work or operate the other hotels, of course theirs is the best but, we've stayed at them all. There's just no comparison.

Think of all the things you want in a hotel room. Then think of those things being dependable, consistent, and at your disposal. That's what Capital Suites offers. A kitchen, Wireless Internet that isn't "down right now". Up to date furniture, a hotel lobby, and no-one ramming their own restaurant down your throat. The desk staff will pretty much help you get dressed in the morning if you ask them, there really isn't a thing they wouldn't do for you. They grasp the idea of real customer service and what it means to make clients happy. They'll even recommend their competitors menu items just so your entire experience is as fulfilling as you need it to be. To the staff there, it's just as important for you in the community here as it is to stay there with them.

Trust me, Capital Suites has to be your first choice. You have giant suites, great sized rooms, and a staff that are trained to be the best. You are at home with Capital Suites . . really.

Now, to be fair, the Hotel Arctic has made a huge improvement in there level of consistency since the company was taken over last June. It's modernized and the staff seem to be more informed and willing to assist. It's still a small work in progress but, in a year, it'll be exciting to see the changes they make.

The Frobisher Inn is still a mess. It's website looks fantastic yes, but, it's a crap shoot. Some weeks they're on and some weeks they're not. It's noisy and there's always a lot going on in there. The bar is really busy every night and the theatre is up there too but, it's a little too chaotic at times for us.

You'll love the food at the Discovery Lodge but, the rooms and the building are in dire need of a facelift. They're clean but, with the few they have, they'd better be.

I don't actually have anything great to say about the Navigator other than the fact that their restaurant serves Chinese Food. Seriously . . that's it.

When we're online booking a trip and checking out things like ratings or TripAdvisor scores, we compare. But I would take someones personal experience over anything else is if seemed details and concise. So, in the spirit of competition I'll still allow you all do to the same. Please look into each and see what floats y'er boat. Any of the accommodations will suffice . . . that is, if you want them to just suffice. I could write a post on each of them and show you the pro's and con's but, when we moved up here we couldn't find anything on these places and guessed. . . and we guessed wrong. If I had've known about Capital Suites when we needed a room, our first few days, maybe even weeks, would've been a lot easier.

Here's our TOP 5:

1. Capital Suites
2. Hotel Arctic
3. Frobisher Inn
4. Discovery Lodge
5. The Navigator Inn (by default)

CAPITAL SUITES - (867) 975 4000

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Anonymous said...

I've had my fair share at all but the Discovery (have only eaten there). To be honest, I like the convenience of having a restaurant in the same building.

My main issue with the Suites? There's no one there after 10pm...or is it 11pm? I prefer to have someone there to help me 24/7 (yes, I'm that strange). Oh, and their lack of elevator is deflating when you have a bunch of heavy bags.

One BIG, HUGE, ULTRA-AMAZING ADVANTAGE of the Suites...and, yes, I need that in bold their pet policy. I've literally spent thousands on accommodations for my dogs whenever I'm in Iqaluit. Most places charge by the night - some will charge by the night AND number. People who travel with pets are usually prepared for this. However, when I found out the Suites' policy, there is no competition. You pay a very reasonable amount (s/thing like $60) for one WEEK! Yep, a full week. The number of pets is not strictly monitored unless it's clearly outrageous.

I stayed at the Nav for 17 days last year, and I never will again. My experience with the Frob has generally been good, but I don't like that they don't have fridges in the rooms.

...and right now I'm typing this while tucked into my bed at the Nova. Or should I say 'Hotel Arctic'. It's nicer than the Super 8 in Yellowknife!