Wednesday, February 15, 2012

We're Married!

My My, this blog is dusty.

On January 28th 2012, I married my co-writer, my best friend, and my fellow journey-woman, Stephanie. We moved up here almost 30 months ago and we survived. We're still here and are happier together than ever.

Moving up here is a journey, being up here is an adventure but, living up here was the real story. We grew closer is our tiny apartment and chose to become a family and start a family. This is part of our story up here and I felt it should be included on here.

I'm sorry we don't write or share anymore. Truth is, with all the big changes in our life we've grown a tendency to keep things to ourselves. I still hope this blog is helpful to those planning a trip up here but, I didn't want it to become overly saturated with mindless things or obsessions with wedding plans and baby excitement. There are great blogs everywhere for those topics and especially some great ones from the north.

A part of me hopes that one day, years from now, we'll read these entries with our kids and then can experience a small glimpse of what our lives were like just before we started our family. I want them to read these words and know that everything changed when they came and that we'll always encourage them to have great adventures like we did here in Iqaluit.

We're married!

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Sarah said...

Congrats Stephanie and Jordan!! :)