Sunday, June 7, 2009

DAY ONE: Planning.

PETS: We have 3 cats!

We've taken the advice of a few blogs and have decided to bring at least 6 months (or close to) worth of food and litter. Needless to say it's a bit pricey but, it's worth it. The two younger cats don't travel well at all. We have a great vet ('Bakers' in Whitby) and they have great all-natural sedatives for the cats. We've used them before so, that's going on the final shopping list. Admittedly, we are very sensitive when it comes to our cats and we may take extra measures to ensure their well-being. We've read that some vets don't recommend the Arctic journey and/or living conditions for young/small cats. We've asked the advice of our own vet and they have a lot of available information on safe traveling for pets. Conveniently enough, we are able to bring a cat each on board during our flight as a "carry-on"; Steph is elated. Parker (our oldest of the 3) travels really well so, he'll be fine as cargo I'm hoping. We've also decided to get all 3 cats a quick tune-up. . . one last pre-trip vet visit to update any shots or vaccinations they might need.

FOOD: Prices, changes, stocking!

As entertaining as it is to read about the crazy prices of food. . . . ( or ( We're set to shop like crazy for the non-perishable items that we'll need. I (Jordan) personally feel like spending $100,000 on toilet paper and chocolate milk because it's impossible to NOT need them. Thankfully, my better half . . . who IS the better half on this one . . . is moderating where the focus is going a little more productively than I am!

Surprisingly, most of the food prices didn't make our jaws drop like we thought. Obviously shipping is more of a venture up to the North, not to mention, the supply and demand is completely different from that of Ontario so, we were prepared for a change in pricing (as anyone should be). We noticed something really great however. . . The healthier the food, the lesser the price jump. So, the better you eat, the more you'll save. There are some items that are sort of "on the fence": Chocolate Milk, Fruit Juices, Bread etc. But the prices really start to soar when it comes to Frozen Dinners, Cheeze Whiz etc etc. So, we're excited to have that push to eat better. We can't lie . . . we love to eat out and we love to splurge on fatty meals when we're lazy! It's safe to say that this was a welcome observation.

CLOTHES: Canada Goose, we hope you're warm.

Just like our blogging predecessors, we've become fans of the CANADA GOOSE ( catalogue and have picked out our coats.

Steph is picking up the MYSTIQUE.

Designed specifically for Rebecca Romijn while shooting X-MEN II.

Jordan is all about the EXPEDITE

Designed specifically to keep me as warm as humanly possible while I fight off Polar Bears, Make walkways, take out Garbage and build inappropriate Snowman Dioramas!

I wonder if everyone will have the same or similar jackets. . . What was a revelation of sorts to us was that you need -100 degree boots ON TOP of your new parka/jacket. More over, the jacket alone is between 600 and 700 dollars. There is definitely a price for warmth here but, then again, what is your health worth?

SAVING: Steph...Less Grazie. Jordan...Less MoviesWingsBeerTimmy'sLateNightDriveThrus

Together, we are the worst money savers. We love . . .(and when I say "love" I don't mean a small developing crush, I mean "only in the movies-nothing can stop it- moves mountains- lift's us up where we belong - The Time Travelers Wife - Til' death do us part LOVE) . . . going out for dinner. Not so much for the sake of eating but, we just love that time together. We've had the most important conversations over a well cooked meal . . . and a glass or two of wine. We love to cook as well but, we like having dinner cooked for us better. This will be the hardest thing to cut back on, no doubt about it. We've decided to ration out our final "Out For Dinners" to 4 before we go. For those of you who have been to GRAZIE (in Toronto, then you know how hard it is to have a clean break up from the restaurant of your life!

It's so important for us to save money before we go because the cost of getting there and the cost of all the essential things you need before you get there is costly. We're going to go to lengths we've never dabbled in before to have a nice lump sum before our departure.

Lastly . . .We're finding that it's becoming more and more important to seek out Offline information. Although we credit many different resources and sites/blogs to get information from. We strongly recommend that you find your own, more personal resource for information. If you read a blog . . . ask the author a question. If you're going to see a Vet . . . ask their professional opinion. If you find yourself worried about anything, keep in mind that little bumps can sometimes snowball and become huge issues. It's unnecessary and preventable stress on an already stressful situation. We've found such comfort in other peoples accounts and the experienced opinions of friends, professionals and people who have been through the experience we're about to take on. You can never know enough. I just want to thank everybody who has gone out of there way to lend us their advice and guidance. It's incredible how warm people are even over an e-mail or blog comment. We see everyones comments on other peoples sites and it makes us that much more excited to join the community of converted Canadian Southerners!

We're officially going public today with this blog . . . Oh boy!


Nunavummiut Jaime said...
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Nunavummiut Jaime said...

I deleted my first comment as I gave away where you live. Sorry about that...good thing I caught it quick! :)

Oooh this blog is going to be great for future newcomers! I can see it already.

Steph, you will love the Mystique. That's what I have and I get plenty of compliments. The coat has never failed me.

I was very stressed about bringing my cat, but it all turned out fine.

Also, I recently cancelled my Qiniq account so if you have any questions, email me at my primary address jrhunter AT eml DOT cc.

Can't wait to keep reading.


P.S. My food prices apply to Rankin Inlet, which is the one of the more expensive communities.

Nunavummiut Jaime said...

(where you're moving to, I mean. I'm going to stop commenting now.)

Jordan~Stephanie said...

ha ha it's ok!

I think you're the only person commenting so, comment away!

Tara Muise said...

Well, Jaime might be the only one commenting so far, but I've just found your site and I think I'll be posting a few more questions before too long. I'm just going through the interview process for a few positions at Nunavut Arctic College and hope to be starting in mid-August...fingers crossed!