Monday, June 29, 2009

"...there's so much sacred in the month of June..."

Thanks John...

We found out that we are moving AUGUST 17th! We got our relocation package and we’re just waiting on Stephs flight details so we can move forward with getting to Iqaluit. Getting the package made everything very real. Stress is sinking in, especially for Steph. Making lists helps but, it doesn’t take the weight off our shoulders at the pace we’d like. We’ve planned and saved diligently but, we’re now left with planning out all our days off in order to get everything we need, if you’ve read the last post/Essay/Novel/ridiculously long blog .. . you get it. We’ve added to it too . . .

I can’t get over how much “counting down” we’ve been doing. We’re counting down the days, work days, days off, dollars and cents; life on a timeline. Yesterday I felt genuine guilt when I splurged for a Chai Latte from Starbucks ($5.09) as opposed to my usual Steeped Tea from Timmy’s ($1.65) . . . and it was MY BIRTHDAY! Poor Steph, hurt her ankle saving a school bus full of kindergarten students from evil doom . . . sober! She’s been off work and I’ve been adding gigs like crazy just to stick to our plan financially.

I’ve said it before but, I can’t stress the importance of being communicative. If you want to make it there happily, make it there together. Admit your spending habits, admit your debts, admit your faults, your fears, and your every anxiety to the person going with you. They can help share the load. You’ll find that your partner possesses traits and characteristics that you lack and that means they can help you in ways you didn’t know you needed help. For example, Steph is a ruthlessly articulate person. She’s also incredibly resourceful and has most of our trip mapped, planned and detailed. But some details we’ve had to wait for and some lines on our “To-Do List” have been pushed back. This has stressed her right out. I can recognise that and know that she needs words of comfort or something to help her know it’ll work out. That’s where I can come in. We’ll sit down, make a call, or just text and work through it. When I reciprocate my own anxieties and stresses, she doesn’t feel so alone. Together, we sort the ridiculous from realities while staying focused and staying on the same page.

Tomorrow we’re making our first Costco visit. We realise that every day counts from here on in and that we haven’t done much other than save money.

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