Monday, July 13, 2009

One Step Closer To Knowing

Visits to "Mountain Equipment Co-op (M.E.C.)" and Sporting Life have put us that much closer to getting our list taken care of. The MEC trip provided us with new "-40" socks and new sets of long-johns. Here's a Pro/Con for you: Shopping for arctic apparel in July provides great deals, however, you're stuck with some limited selection. The common answer we got from the employees when asked about stock we couldn't find was "on back order". Fancy word for "wrong season, idiots!"

Trying on the Canada Goose gear was actually exciting and fun. Steph's jacket looked great on her. She's someone who gets cold really easily so, the long and slim fitting "Mystique" was perfect for her. Personally, I think she lookd cute in it. My Jacket: The Expedition was MASSIVE. Naturally, I'm a sweater. This thing is going to make me lose water-weight with every step. It was really important for us to try the jackets on ahead of time. Getting the right size proved a bit of a challenge. We found that online photos don't do the jackets justice. Different styles appealed to us more in person and the sizes are not what you're typically used to. I'm an easy Extra Large in everything I buy but, I felt comfortable in a Medium jacket (I'm still going with a Large, however).

I think we're almost ready to go . . .

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cpf said...

I recently hit up MEC for some winter apparel, you're lucky you even found some. The Calgary store was 100% out of anything remotely winter-specific (and so was the store across the street, and pretty much any place imaginable).