Wednesday, July 29, 2009

(500) Days of Summer

This movie will change your life.

Remember when the new Trilogy of Star Wars were announced? You just had a feeling that it wasn't going to be all you wanted and hoped for. I felt this way about "(500) Days Of Summer". It felt like it was a bad cross of "Garden State" and "Before Sunrise" and as much as I'm a sucker for Indie-Romance, I had doubts. Steph rarely gets as excited as she got for seeing it so, away we went.


Between the perfectly selected soundtrack and the time-less beauty of Zooey Deschanel, this movie was unique, bright, funny, clever, warm, and just an absolute pleasure to watch. Without giving away anything, I'd just like to say that this movie is perfect for a date, perfect to see by yourself, and just the greatest theatre experience you'll have away from blockbuster summer releases. If we had some sort of clever rating system we'd give it a perfect score!

I guarantee it!


Tara Muise said...

Hey! Just watched the're looks rather cheesy and like a movie I'd only watch if I had a lot of money to burn (which I don't).

However...since you rank it so highly - and because we've already established the 'coolness' of our comments - perhaps I'll check it out when I get the chance; you owe me a pint if it turns out to be a let-down!


Nunavummiut Jaime said...

This is one I want to see...but it's highly unlikely Astro Theatre will get it so I'll have to wait for when it comes out on video.

I find that Zooey movies are basically hit or miss with me. Have you ever seen "All the Real Girls"? If not, you'd probably like it!


Jordan~Stephanie said...

Ahhh! Recommending movies/books/albums is so stressful & personal! I loved this movie is all . . . hope you guys do too! Since I'm always down for a pint Tara - it's win/win either way!

Jaime - I've not seen it but will make Jordan find it for me!

- Steph

Jordan~Stephanie said...

I just realized every sentence in my last post ended with an exclamation point.

How embarrassing.

Nunavummiut Jaime said...

I know, I do the same thing all the time, haha.

I don't know if ATRG is hard to find, but you can always borrow it from me when you get here!

Tara Muise said...

hee hee...the exclamation thing is something I do a lot too, but I generally go back and fix it. For me it's the ellipsis (...). Check out my blog...they're everywhere. Right now I'm just leaving them in, but I can't tell you how many times I've looked at something I just wrote and broken into a 'punctuation' sweat...too many! Use a dash! Use a semi-colon! Use a period for god's sake! (yes, I really am that grammar paranoid)

so...exclamation point on :-)

freckles said...

Oh good! I'm glad you liked it b/c I am also quite partial to the indie flick and really enjoy Zooey! I will have to see this one.

sarahegn said...

Hey there. I am moving to Arviat in October and your blog has helped me get a bit more together. Thanks a ton. I am going to hit the costco for sure now. I was wondering if you could email me off site and give me some more hints etc.

Jordan~Stephanie said...

hey sarah! good luck on your move - how exciting! our move is in 5 days and as much as we've had some great advice and tried to be prepared, we won't be entirely sure we did it right until we get there! here's hoping we can pass on some more tips soon . . .