Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Since this very well may be an informative guide to someone moving in the future, I feel like it's time for a detailed update. I'll break it down in a simple DONE and NOT DONE list.

Quick Note: The movers need specific instructions as to what they're bringing and what they are not bringing. We strongly recommend you find one location for everything you need/get shipped. Make yourself a manifest, make the movers a copy too. We've also discovered that they may not ship food for you . . .at all. I'll keep you posted. Right now we have everything neatly packed in a basement ...in its own section ....away from anything and everything else. No room for error there.


- Dry Shop (appliances, cleaners, tea etc etc)
- Relocation Package (Received!)
- Move Date
- Canada Goose/ Winter Wear fitting day***
- Resignation from current employment
- Shop for the Wedding


- Food Shop
- Sell or Scrap Car
- Boots Shop
- Vet Appointments
- Book flight times
- Pack everything for movers
- Keep Saving!
- Movie Drive! ****
- Goodwill/Salvation Army sort and drop off
- Selfish Days (Haircuts, Colourings, Concert, Goodbyes)

*** - Since we're moving in August, there isn't an urgency to get the coats. We do understand they're importance and plan on ordering them directly to Iqaluit upon arrival.

**** -The Movie Drive? No one sue me! I go see a movie a week and I have an amazingly extensive movie collection which is probably a combined weight of our entire alloted weight for shipping. I've decided to load everything I own onto a Terabyte drive. It's less than $200 and it weighs nothing. It's 1000 gigabytes . . . your laptop probably only has a combined 160, most of it which you don't use. Steph and I are picking favourites, and we'll load up. So . . I've been downloading like mad lately!


Tara Muise said...

ahhh!!...i just found out i'll be flying out on the 17th as well; perhaps i'll meet you two sometime. i have soooo much to do but, well, i don't have to tell you that!

Jordan~Stephanie said...

So exciting! We drive to Ottawa on the 17th and fly out the next day. I'm sure we'll run into each other at some point!

Kennie said...

Hi Jordan and Stephanie .. found you via Jamie ... Welcome to Nunavut! I spent two crazy years up in Arctic Bay and am now moving on to the Yukon.

There will be many things that you will forget to bring with you in the south, but have no fear - most stores do deliver to the North and some even ship free - and plus, you will be in Iqaluit where you'll be able to find almost everything.

Good luck with your move and your adventure in Iqaluit!

jen said...

Hey guys, welcome north! I have to pipe in my 2 cents worth here. I hardly ever used my Canada goose Parka the entire 3 years I've been here. The only few times were long day trips out snowmobiling on the land. If you wait, you might find something less expensive and locally made in Iqaluit. The locally made parkas are pretty snazzy. But if you do have money to burn, I'm not dissing the CG coats, they are pretty awesome.

Nunavummiut Jaime said...

Haha, now my 2 cents...
I think it just depends on the person. I wear my Canada Goose (Mystique) everyday from October-March (sometimes earlier, sometimes later on either side). If you don't get a giant, bulky one (the Mystique is a good choice for Steph), then you'll be more likely to wear them. A lot of people wear North Face parkas here, too.


Heather said...

Hi guys, a co-worker just clued me in on your blog. I work at the hospital in Iqaluit(nurse on the ward). Just thought I'd say, if you have any questions, feel free to ask now!

Jordan~Stephanie said...

I think if the ante is already 2 cents, I'll have to re-raise by putting in my own 4 cents. (...years later, experts will discover that Jordan's jokes are both NOT funny and somewhat inexplicable!)

I LOVE NUNAVUT and I haven't even got up there yet. Everyone who has commented, helped, guided, and mentioned us have made this whole transition an incredible experience. Steph and I are both blessed to have the help you've all given us. Thank you so much.

We are so excited to move . . . The first round is on us.

Jordan~Stephanie said...

Thanks Heather! Sounds like you and I will be co-workers soon, so I definitely will have questions for you! Anything a NICU nurse should know before entering the big, bad world of adult care?! I'm nervous . . .

I think Jordan & I should start posting under different identities soon. So far, he has made all the blog posts and for the most part I am all over these comment boards! I think people are going to start getting confused soon so it would probably be a good idea. Especially because I don't want my good name linked to any of his weak jokes - see above post.

Heather said...

You're right Stephanie, we'll be co-workers. I started out with adults, so I made the opposite transition, learning to care for babies. I find the variety good, it stops you from getting into a rut. There's definitely tons to challenge you here, but support as well. The educational opportunities are better than anywhere else I've ever looked into. We're too far from the courses so they bring them to us and schedule everything in and pay for it. Which is excellent.
What does an NICU nurse need to learn? Uh, well if you paid attention in class in nursing school (don't answer that :D ) it should be a breeze! Adults generally need more than stimulation to get them breathing again... and you have to deal with their kids instead of dealing with their parents. Seriously though, we have people from so many different backgrounds working up here, and everyone adapts.
I don't want to get too in detail on a public forum as to hospital stuff. Feel free to email me at klassen_heather@hotmail.com with specific questions. Enjoy the packing!

Heather said...

Oh, and Stephanie, I noticed your hair is blond/highlighted. Bring some swimmer's shampoo that can deal with minerals in the water (or you can buy it off well.ca) I got highlights back in February, and have recently noticed them turning green. I don't swim, but the copper content in the water here is second to none. Seriously. Bring water filters, and swimmers shampoo.

Jordan~Stephanie said...

Thanks for the advice Heather!

Jordan~Stephanie said...

ALso . . Kennie . . .LOVE your blog!

I forgot to mention that!

Whale Cobe Blogger said...

Hi Guys,

As I am heading to Whale Cove at the end of September, I was wondering if were able to take food with you (have it moved I mean). Thanks for information.