Monday, November 8, 2010

My First Bonspiel

Curling is my new obsession.

Steph and I curled all last year and really enjoyed ourselves. We met new friends, developed better relationships with co-workers and really had a great time trying out something new. When mass registration came around this year, I knew I was only signing up for one thing and one thing only: Curling.

A Bonspiel is an open Curling tournament. Iqaluit has a loyal and dedicated group of people who run the Curling Club. They work year round to develop the game and earn the attention Iqaluit curlers deserve. Their passion is evident and gets well demonstrated with every step the club makes. The Tournaments are well organized, the league is perfectly set up, the help they offer and provide is outstanding and no matter where you see them, they are always sporting their club jackets. It's honourable.

We missed last years bonspiel because of work last year, which I regret more now after being to one. This year, with our team full of our Iqaluit family members (Ty, Lacie, Karen and I) we enjoyed the camaraderie, the game play, and the events of this years first bonspiel. Sure, we may have been brutally beaten in each of our 3 outings but, it was such a good time.

Ty, who is from Texas, not only is skipping the matches now, he won the door prize of 75kg of freight from First Air. Which is more like finding GOLD here in the north. Team Grenke will return stronger and better next year, you can count on that.

Last year I wrote that getting involved with local activities is crucial. I have to reiterate that. I've noticed that the acquaintances I made last year are turning into friendships this year. I have a front row seat to watch Ty, Lacie, Brian and Karen make their new acquaintances which I now know will turn into great things socially. You can't survive up here living like a hermit. Between the isolation and the often brutal weather, it's hard to find outlets for energy or social needs. Getting involved in new things like curling, darts, badminton, euchre, anything, it opens up the opportunity to make your time up here last and makes it even more worthwhile.

Here are some pics from the BONSPIEL:

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