Thursday, August 13, 2009

There is no "try", Only "Do". . .

I sit here an amazed individual. We did it. We managed to survive this move.

Our belongings are shipped, our lists are done, and we've just enjoyed some of the most memorable time together. These past two weeks have seen a lot of ups and downs, both physically and emotionally. I've had hands around my neck followed by a hand held in mine, tears of worry that were the opening act for the tears of joy, but after all, when that vacant space is all that's left of what seemed like a neverending move, all you're left with is the warmth of a new adventure shared by two people who still hold the love that carried them this far safely and firmly in their hearts.

We've highlighted some of the more exciting moments and tried our best to capture that excitement. It's important to be realistic at times and those times can be harsh. In one of our first posts we touched on the importance of being communicative and brutally honest with one another. I'm here to remind you that that IS the glue that holds all of it together. Live by this: lean and be leaned on. Accountability and reliability are the two quintessential elements you need to survive the tolls this can take. You'll test your limits (and/or eachothers limits, depending on who you do or do not move with) and find new ones. There's a brand new challenge with each and every day. Some easy, some hard. I've never felt so prepared but, I've never felt so scared. We've each crumbled and faltered but, we're ok.

I promise you everything will be ok. It won't matter how much you plan, re-plan, call, confirm, discount shop, save, spend, list, cry, or ulcer; moving is a disaster. But I urge you to never allow stress to erase the joy you felt reading this (or any blog) and the excitement you felt when you decided to move. Because the ending is just like the start, the rest is just the middle. I couldn't see the top of the pile, or the light at the end of the tunnel at times too but, I knew it was there. All I have to do is catch a plane and that flight changes my life. This is the time to relish unafraid in the warmth and excitement I feel and have towards where I'm about to be.

I'm about to go somewhere where that not a lot of people will ever see with the love of my life in the prime of my life. . . just saying that feels incredible.


Tara Muise said...

Good to hear from you guys again! Great to know that things are going well with you. Movers are coming to pack up my place I need to get back from Nova Scotia.

Cheers to new beginnings!

Jordan~Stephanie said...

Hi there Tara!

Jordan Here! (For once) . . . We've had quite the interesting encounter with our moving company so, we both hope that your endeavour goes better than ours!

We also love Nova Scotia!!

We wish you all the best as well and thank you for your best wishes!