Sunday, August 16, 2009

I'll meet you in Iqaluit.

Today is the day.

Ottawa by nightfall . . . Iqaluit in the morning. We have lots to write about and in the forth coming days, we'll have a Whole-Whack of posts to add. But for now, the only thing we can think about is just how excited we are. It's been hard at times and great at times but as we approach the finish line, it's all been worth it.

We're looking forward to meeting some of the people that have helped us along so we can thank them in person. As of Monday we happily became part of the cycle . . . we're now helping someone else move up to Nunavut through e-mails(more on that later). What a journey this has been . . . thank you to the entire Nothern Blogging Community. You inspired us . . . helped us . . . changed us.

This time tomorrow we'll be joining the great population of Nunavut.


Heather said...

I'll see you in October (when I get back from holidays). .. unless we cross paths at the airport tomorrow. Hope the settling in goes well!

KOTN said...

You picked a very weird time to move here, between cabinet and HArper and half the bloody Army all turning up.

It is usually Waaaaaayyyy more quiet.

Jordan~Stephanie said...

Kent . . . AMAZING blog. We're happy to follow from now on!

We're posting all about today in a few minutes but, thank you for reading!

Heather. Can't wait to meet you in the fall! Have a great Vacation.