Saturday, August 29, 2009

Nuna-video: Part Two

The second leg of our journey to Iqaluit.


Bonnieupnorth said...

Great vidoes and welcome to Nunavut...the northern bloggers are a great set...from a part timer!

Jordan~Stephanie said...

Hello Bonnie,

Thank you for your kind words and comment!

We agree. The Northern Bloggers are unlike anything we've read or somewhat been a part of before. We honestly feel blessed.


Laurie Melindy said...

Hi Guys,
My bf and I are considering a move to Iqaluit in the very near future - just waiting on job confirmations and we are pretty much there. Just wondering how your cats made out on the journey? We have two cats and i fear how unsettled they will be on that 3 hour flight. Did you give your kitties any type of sedatives? If you have any helpful travel tips please pass them along! ( you can email me at
Thanks so much,