Saturday, September 26, 2009

Dear Ontario . . .

. . . comment . . .nicely. YES, it's still September and back home our old hometowns are getting ready for their "Fall Fair" weekends while we were getting ready for the "Snowfall Warning" (as stated in the bold red headline there). YES, that says "feels like -6" and we did get a foot/ a foot and a half of snow last night.

No, we're not jealous.

The snowfall was magic. You could compare it to being stuck inside a winter globe. It was windy, sure, but it wasn't bone-chilling. The snow just fell lightly and stuck around. Ontario doesn't get snowfalls like this. At home (when the snow falls) you just get ready for the headache of snow shovelling, starting your car early and the traffic that follows. The snow excited everyone around me and that by itself is a major reason why people love it up here so much. Some how we still sweat the small stuff but aren't all that affected by the usual major inconveniences. It's hard to explain really . . . I know that I used to dread the first snowfall but, it felt like an early Christmas last night and the walk home felt more like a treat than a hardship. We love being here.

UPDATE: Here are some pictures of the aftermath.

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Peter said...

Hey Jordan & Stephanie,
We have been following your blog for the past couple of weeks and enjoying it. It is helping prepare us as we also will be moving to Iqaluit at the beginning of Nov. Keep it Up. Perhaps we'll meet.
Peter & Marla