Sunday, September 20, 2009

The White Stripes Under the Great Northern Lights

Before we moved up here we'd read a fantastic blog about the White Stripes playing here in Iqaluit. Since arriving, we've researched the event and talked to people that went. A few weeks ago I had the privledge of seeing "Hey Rosetta!" here and it really is a rare and special event when acts make the effort to play here.

The White Stripes documented and filmed their events here in the North and even shot a video for their single "You Don't Know What Love is ...". Jack White has since taken that footage and compiled it into a release do out this fall/winter. At the Toronto International Film Festival he screened the film and held a press conference talking about his experiences in Nunavut. I thought I'd share the video since so many people enjoyed the concert itself.

Here's a link to the Video:

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