Monday, September 7, 2009

Worldwide Bloggers Day?

I have so much to talk about.

It's snowing.

For us, the Labour Day weekend is the last cottage weekend of the year. A little chilly but, all in all just the last breath of summer. Tonight I watched a breezy snow fall. Our friend Tara up in Pangnirtung has had her fair share already; I think we got her left-overs. Speaking of left-overs, if anyone has any lasagna making tips for Tara, she's all for them! And speaking of Tara, if any of our Ontario friends want to see exactly what the north has to offer, I suggest you look at the pictures Tara has on her blog recently. Plus, her blog in general is just fantastic.

We've mentioned Townie Bastard before. It appears (like Tara) we have our own little blogging community here in our building. In months to come, I believe you will see an abundance of fun blogging going on. Not to mention an intense Wii competition. . .!

With all the warm blogging community happenings, it got me thinking that maybe it would be great for all of us to meet. I know that the mutual respect is already there and that the random encounters are awkwardly fun but, wouldn't it be great if we could all get together one day and meet eachother. Not like a convention but, just a gathering of great writers over a hot beverage and a lunch. I'd love that.

In an age where we have days to celebrate the brilliant and bold, alike with Christmas, Easter, Mother's Day and even Secretary's Day, why can't we have a BLOG DAY! or BLOGGERS DAY. I wonder if we can all make this movement happen and organize a day where we can celebrate our favourite new fetish and outlet. It started here folks!

I think it should be a Sunday too . . .

Now a quick Public Service Announcement:


Tara Muise said...

I'm all for that Blogger's Day...I mean, secretary's do earn their day, but I think we're pretty cool too. And your right, somehow you get into it and, all of a sudden, you're checking blogs from all over the north and getting to know the people. There's blogging, then there's 'northern blogging'.

Thanks for the reference in your entry! I can't really say the pics are too great b/c I'm sitting here enjoying something a lot more spectacular; the sun is out today and the snow-covered peaks are awesome. Perhaps it is like BC and the Rockies, but to a small town easterner who has spent the last 10 years travelling around cities of literally millions of people, it's quite a view.

oh, and who wouldn't love a good LOTR's reference?

Tara Muise said...

oops! should be plural (secretaries) not possessive (secretary's).

and p.s.: my parents are lurkers who go around reading posts and never commenting. they love your blog too.

Tara Muise said...

'you're' not 'your'. what's wrong with me today? sorry...OCD english teacher here.

towniebastard said...

Alas, International BlogDay was last week and we all missed it -


Previous attempts at meeting have been tried, but something always seems to crop up. However, now that there's the "next generation" of Nunavut bloggers up here, I see no reason why it can't happen. For example, next time a blogger from outside Iqaluit comes to town, just give people the heads up and I'm sure a night out can be organized.

Megan said...

That's exactly what we did ("we" being the Yellowknife bloggers). We'd been talking about getting together for ages, but we didn't make a real plan until Jackie had an overnight on her way south from Rankin. Now we get together once a month. It's great fun.

sarahegn said...

Hey guys! I started my own blog to for this move

I hope it is a fun experience


Sarah said...

Hey guys!

Love your blog and your photos, and videos...they are great!!! :) I'm a blogger from Pang--mine started mainly to keep family and friends informed of my life in the Arctic (and primary that's what it still is)...

I'm heading to Iqaluit from Pang tomorrow ( in town all week for work stuff)...Its my first trip of MANY-I'm excited to get travelling again...I haven't been out of Pang since the begining of June!

(i do know that there is an international 'lurker' day...I think it happens in Jan though--i keep wondering where does one find all these wonderful 'international' days!)

Keep up the great posts!
Sarah :)

Tara Muise said...

I'm so jealous! Hanging out for a pint with Jordan, Steph, towniebastard, and Nunavut Newbie (Sarah) would be so cool!

...stuck here in Pang I'm afraid.

Thanks for the flour Sarah!


Jordan~Stephanie said...

hey sarah!

townie bastard (who turns out to have a real name), jaime, and jordan & i are all meeting at the storehouse tonight for wings! you're welcome to join us!

enjoy your week in iqaluit :)