Sunday, October 18, 2009

My Gig!

Well, it appears I'm due for some shameless self promotion!

For those of you who I don't know very well, I'm a little bit of a musician. A recent cancellation at work has led to my first Northern Gig. It'll be at The Waters Edge Lounge/Kickin' Caribou Pub, Wednesday October 21st at 8pm. I'll be hosting the Open Mic/Jam Night there . . . They told me to spread the word!



Jordan~Stephanie said...

so proud of you love! can't wait to see you :)

Anonymous said...

Hope your first gig went well...Thats awesome. Now I am sure Iqaluit that they will welcome you open arms and it will fill in the void of the days here at the Tartan. Keep



Tyler said...

Hope you rock it big time tonight!!!
Absolutely love your blog. I'm receiving an offer of employment this Friday from a large "Northern" company. Your trials, tribulations and trumphs have been incredibly helpful in providing a fair and impartial insight into life in the north.

You and Steph will be happily together forever.
Best wishes,

hmorneau said...

Do they have some jobs available in iqaluit? I have a degree in business and I'm interested to go working there. But it's hard to find something except from the governement of nunavut website.