Monday, October 12, 2009

"Rookie" Blogging!

I will take full responsibility for the lack of posts. I just work a lot.

I tend to struggle with the way we'd like this to be presented. I love reading the dailys from all the amazing northern bloggers and I envy their discipline, I just don't get as inspired as often. Obviously there was a lot to write about leading up to our arrival here, and now, we're forced into the inevitable crossroad that I imagine most (if not every) first time bloggers. What to write about now?

I always imagined it would be an account of our findings, adventures, discoveries, and time here so, I want to try and do my best to keep up with that. I do apologise for the lack of updates and posts. It's such a great feeling when you hit the ground running and that's what we've both done here. We love our life here in Iqaluit. So, from this moment on, I've decided to give a full out, rant free, detailed blog regarding life here lately in Iqaluit. I still hope our niavety and inexperience will result in some amazing posts . . .so here goes.

There are people who are far better writers than us, and people who are far more experienced when it comes to blogging so, we'll leave the experts to deal with matters of expertise. We'll stick to writing about our rookie moves, mishaps, mistakes, misfortunes, mayhems, memorable moments, methodical plannings, and mostly how much fun things are up here!

So here's to words starting with "M" and to the few of you who read. More to come . . I promise.

Rookies, Out!


Heather said...

Love the alliteration! Keep writing guys! :D

freckles said...

Blogging can be harder than it looks! I've experienced a similar situation where I've had to re-evaluate what I wanted my blog to be "about". I've decided on using it as a creative ramble peppered with my new experiences as a Yukoner. Keep up the good work with your blog. I am enjoying it thoroughly! :)