Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Thankful for Thanksgiving

We would like to full-out say a public wide thank you to our two gracious hosts Sunday; Mr. Townie Bastard and Mrs. Townie Bastard. We drank, we ate, we plotted, we laughed, and most of all we spent hours in great company.

Since we've arrived the two of you have been nothing short of supportive, encouraging, compassionate, friendly, welcoming, and just great people. We've learned more from you these few months than anything or anyone else and we'll forever be in debt to your wonderful hospitality. You both have made this transition to Iqaluit very easy for the both of us and we'll always appreciate it.

Whether it's DVD lending or great meals, we both look forward to a great online and offline friendship with the both of you.

Thank you both again so much.


Clare said...

Townie and Mrs. Townie are great people, I like to consider them fast friends. They rock.

Jordan~Stephanie said...


They are equally legendary in person as they are online!

towniebastard said...

Dear lord. It's not like we're Neil Patrick Harris awesome or anything, guys.

But still, thanks for the kind words.