Sunday, December 6, 2009

Dear Guelph Reader,

Every so often I see someone from Guelph, Ontario pass by our site. Everytime I see that, it reminds me of how much I miss home and some people who live in Guelph. So, I'm wondering if our Guelph reader could make an appearance at McCabe's (Downtown Guelph) and tell every single person working that "Jordan Wishes Them a Merry Christmas and misses them" . .. ask for Alicia!

I played there every Thursday . . . some of my favourite musical experiences. . .


Karyn said...

It's me! I'm the Guelph reader! I feel kinda famous now for some reason...

We're new-ish to the area, and with two small kids we don't often get the chance to go pubbing. Despite this, I am happy to report that we have been to McCabe's several times! At first we were lured in by the big roll-up windows, now we return for the atmosphere and the classic pub fare.

Next time we head out there I will pass on your message!

Jordan~Stephanie said...


I'm glad you have been there and I'm glad to see that the great food and atmosphere are still the same!

Thank you so much for reading and enjoying our blog. We really appreciate it!

Happy Holidays!