Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Nuna-Video: Christmas in Iqaluit


l_royle said...

Love It, Love It, Love It!!

Parcel from Us lot in The Burgh to be mailed Monday. Nothing much exciting in it, but it does contain a few goodies I thought YOu both might enjoy. Hope You are Both Well and Happy, we will miss you this year for sure......much love to the Furry Ones, and I will try to get some Cat Grass Seeds....I think they will really enjoy some green stuff!

Love You Millions, Aunty Lesley & Crew

Jordan~Stephanie said...

THank you Aunt Leslie!!

We miss you.

l_royle said...

Morning Lovlies,

Glad the parcel arrived. I cant imagine what Ottawa thought was in it to have done an inspection. Really, I would NEVER mail contraband items, ever. Anyhow, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, take lots of photos, videos etc, we miss you lots. Have the Best Time Ever......

Love You Always,

Aunty Lesley xxxx0000

Anonymous said...

Hello Jordan & Stephanie

I have been following your your comments for a few months now and my wife and I are going to be coming to Iqaluit this year to work at North Mart. We are from
the Ottawa Valley. Any info would be welcome as to what it is really like in the beautiful city of Iqaluit... thanks

Kerry & Brenda