Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Tara and Sarah Show

It's not that I'm against getting "blogged", my only observation was that it catches you off guard sometimes. It was one thing to set up a dinner with a few blog friends and meet them in person; it's been another to become really good friends with them. But, last week an encounter of a third kind presented itself and much to my amusement, it turned out to be a great one.

Pang-Bound Tara and Newbie-Sarah pop'd their heads round my place of work on Friday and after much apologising on my behalf (another story in itself), it seemed as though our offline meeting quickly became a good one. Tara and I sort of discovered who we were randomly while she enjoyed her (I will assume "much meeded") Keith's & Wings and Sarah quickly joined her after. The two of them as well as a few friends helped what looked to be a slow night for me behind the bar.

If there's one thing I've learned about The Northern Blogging world, it's that every single person you meet in person are just warm, fun, and great in person as they are on their blogs. Tara and Sarah are testaments to that. Tara, who didn't even know who I was at first, still came off as a really great stranger and costumer. 5 Keiths, 12 Wings and an introduction later, she was still the same person. Sarah and I got off on the wrong foot in a first few meetings but, it took no time at all for us to hit a stride of sorts. Just like the other bloggers we've met up here, these two are great fun and I was happy to be a small part in their great visit.

We're really sorry we didn't make it to the Legion and it looks like we missed a legendary night but, we'll eagerly wait for the detailed posts from both of you. Oh, and we were witness to the great "head pieces" worn proudly by our fellow bloggers during their nice dinner at the Frob! They wore them all night.

It was sincerely great to meet you Tara . . . and you again Sarah! (Sorry . . again)


Tara Muise said...

it was awesome to meet you guys too! don't worry about the legion...probably better that you didn't show up (long story).

and again, i'll offer...

make it to pang and the two of us will show you around - i can even take you up to the arctic circle on my snowmobile! think about it what the 22-hour brightness hits in the spring...


towniebastard said...

Well, Sarah jumped me at Ottawa airport and we have a lovely 20 minute chat in the bookstore while the sales clerk glared at us.

Sorry we missed out on the fun, but it's been a crazy month or so. Hopefully in the new year things will settle down.

Sarah said...

It was nice to meet you guys too!! AND totally don't worry...about the first few times we met!...

I did have the best birthday..I sure know how to rock a Tiara! ;)

Townie--I jumped you eh? hmmmm we must have different definitions of 'jumping' bc I do not remember 'jumping you'... LOL... it was nice to have that crazy convo in the bookstore.. and yes! they did glare at us totally!! :)

til the next time... my friends... til the next time! :)