Sunday, December 20, 2009

Ice Out.

The entire city is iced over.

We've had a massive rise in temperature lately, and when I say massive I mean: it went from -13 to +3 in 18 hours. Add permafrost to that and you are looking at a town under ice. Behind our building is a legitimate threat to your safety it's so badly iced over. It's on a slight tilt so even the cars stopping or parking are sliding diagonally going through. You could skate to where ever you needed to go, in fact, if I had-me some skates, I'da done it!

Steph keeps bribing me with hundreds of dollars to open her gifts early but I keep my firm stance on not opening up anything, not even a card before Christmas Eve at the earliest. For the family and friends reading this, feel free to comment and instruct her to quit this diligent shenanigans. I could use the help.

The "Home-sickness" has lessened a bit as friends from home have started calling us for the holidays. It's funny how better you feel hearing a familiar voice or hearing about stories of home. At the same time, some of our new friends from here have started their trek towards home for the holiday which makes us both jealous and sad. Jealous because they'll find High-Speed Internet and Tim Horton's this Christmas, and we . . . will not. It makes us sad because, we are finally finding the free time we wish we had these past months and want to spend it with them. Either way . . . safe travels to them.

Oh, before we go . . . we'd just like to take a minute and laugh (mockingly) at our former home province of Ontario. May we just illustrate that you have been smiling arrogantly at us ever since we landed and bragging about how much better and warmer the weather is there. Perhaps you should compare the weather between us over the coming Holiday and this past week . . .

... thought so!

Happy Holidays Everyone!


Milton Mom said...

This is actualy a comment from the "Tis the Season Blog. Jordan has forgotten to mention our personal favourite Tradition of the Christmas Eve Toast. For all those daunted parents who have travelled far and wide, through line up and dastardly parking wars in search of that "Face" Christmas morning...The Christmas Eve Toast was made for give to your children. One wine glass of Orange juice and two tsp. Of liquid Gravol....a guarentee of several uninterrupted "Some Assembly Required" hours together doing all the Elf work for that "Face" on Christmas Morn. You know I love you...I loved this tradition.

freckles said...

Wishing you guys the best over the holidays. Tis my first Christmas without family and friends also. We will get through it and the calls from family and friends certainly do help a lot! I also had to laugh (coming from Ontario myself) when they received their first snow storm in mid-December. The first thing I heard from them were complaints about crazy drivers and having to shovel the driveway 3 times in one day. Boohoo! LOL
Stay safe in that ice.

vonScout said...

Happy New Years!
I guess you dont know us, but my girlfriend and I are planning on moving to Iqaluit and found your blog extremely informative and fun to read. We have a few questions in fact and were wondering if you might be able to email us. By the way my name is Colby and hers is Julie. You can email us at Thanks a lot in advance.

Colby and Julie

kerrymckerracher said...

Hey Jordan & Stephanie

Just wanted to say i love your comments, keep up the good work from Iqaluit. Once again my wife and I are coming to Iqaluit in April to work at North Mart, and I am a musician too (drummer). Please contact us with any helpful info at:


Kerry & Brenda