Friday, January 22, 2010

Iqaluit Help Haiti

9:13am: Red Cross reached. Calling back.

10:22am: Waters' Edge/Kickin Caribou first to grant permission, happy to help.

10:45am: Raven Rock unreachable by phone, detailed e-mail sent.

10:51am: Message left with Elks Lodge

11:04am: 2 artists confirmed.

11:23am: Red Cross returns call, happy with arrangements. Emblem and logo permission pending.

11:42am: 3 artists confirm.

12:01pm: Does anyone know how to reach the Throat Singing offices?

12:07pm: Royal Canadian Legion interested in event, however are booked for the 30th.

12:28pm: Meeting with Elks Lodge set for Sunday at 3:30pm

12:32pm: Lekan (local DJ and Nova employee) eagerly offers his graphic design assistance

12:46pm: Legion has cleared the evening, second to join.

1:17pm: Elks agrees, Trian is formed!

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