Monday, January 18, 2010

50 Below Zero

. . . No joke.

If there is anything I'll take from our experience up here it's that I stood the test of the coldest temperature I've ever faced and smiled. Yesterday it reached a low of -52 according to Environment Canada and although I had slight frost bite on my cheeks and a beard full of icicles, my face was a happy one as it defrosted.

It's just incredible. Winds that pull and push you around, visibility of no more than 10 feet. I loved it. I know I sound crazy but, since the weather has become worse, I've actually walked around town a lot more. I was actually disappointed in myself when I forgot to bring my cameras with me on my excursion to work yesterday. Of all the things we've captured on film, that was one I wish I had been able to post. I've learned my lesson however . . . camera with me at all times!

The downside to the cold (one of many) is that it's become Pipe Bursting season. Many have fallen and succumb to the heavy flow of water and the pricey cost of Iqaluit plumbers. . . our building included.

You know, to be honest, I used to complain about the cold all the time in Ontario but, never did I ever imagine seeing and experiencing temperatures like this. People freeze to death in this weather . . . skin gets frost bite in a matter of minutes, if not seconds . . . there is no "Brrrrrr!" there's only "GOOD GOD!".

But even still, this town is beautiful. Slush and salt isn't anywhere to be found on the roads and the snow stays an epic white colour. Everything is maginificently winterized and warmly covered in snow. It may be cold but, this town warms my life up. I really couldn't be happier anywhere else in the world. People said "the charms wears off after a while; give it a few months" but they were wrong. I work in a place where you sometimes see the worst side of Iqaluit but, maybe that's why the better side looks that much better.

Pictures coming soon . . .

Happy New Year everybody.


Sarah said...

Glad to see to see you posting again!! :) I'm strangely sad to tell you the truth that I didn't get to experience the 50 below!

stay toasty warm!! :)


Matthew said...

I love the extreme weather we get in Nunavut. Yesterday during the blizzard I was out snowmobiling in it. I know dumb but what fun!


Good to see you blogging agin.

Jordan~Stephanie said...

Thanks you two.

Thank you for reading!

Long live the Arctic!

Jordan~Stephanie said...

Thanks you two.

Thank you for reading!

Long live the Arctic!

William Burton said...

Hi guys,

Couple of things come to mind as I ventured onto your page today; I too have come to welcome the extreme weather temperatures of the Arctic and at the same time have come to appreciate the luke warm weather that blankets Ontario from late November through early March. That being said, brings me to my question. You have cats with you, did they travel with you? If so, please, please educate and encourage me to get my life long best friend Lexus, whom I left back in Ontario since two Augusts ago up here with me for next August. I miss my cat and she most likely misses me! Or despises me right about now, I'm not sure which. Thanks guys,

-Prince of the North (Will, Rankin Inlet)

Jordan~Stephanie said...


we arranged for all 3 of our cats to travel with us and used them as "carry on" items for our flights. One travelled as cargo (he's older and travels amazingly well) and the other two younger ones were in soft cases that followed the regulation size posted by First Air.

It's good to keep their vision limited because they seem to react to the outside movements or the view from windows. There's also an herbal drop that you can purchase from vets and pet stores that works miracles and has zero side effects.

Hope this helps! Thanks so much for reading.