Sunday, January 24, 2010

Iqaluit Helps Haiti : Update 1

It took a LOT of negotiating and a lot of compromise but, what seemed like an impossible task just became a solid reality.

For the first time in years 3 competitors of Iqaluit's Bar industry have agreed to work together. For those of you from town, you know how the bars here can be stubborn when it comes to being forthcoming to the other bars. The judgements and prior conflicts have all been pushed aside for a demonstration of unity.

January 30th 2010 . . that's this Saturday. The Waters' Edge/Kickin' Caribou, The Elks Lodge and the Royal Canadian Legion will work together to help raise funds for the struggles in Haiti. I've contacted the Canadian Red Cross and have set up arrangements to work along side them for this event. Every single donation made right down to the last penny will be donated directly to the Red Cross.

All 3 venues will be hosting Iqaluit's finest arts performers of every kind. Each location will begin opening their doors for this event at 5pm. I've chosen to not sell admission tickets, but instead sell prize tickets at the events. 2 of the 3 venues are members-sign in but, that doesn't mean the general public can't be a part of the events. Members of both venues have offered up their "Sign-Ins" to anyone willing to come out and participate.

Tomorrow you'll see posters, and you'll see donation bins, and you'll be a little bit overwhelmed by the display of advertisements but, it's only a way to try and encourage the people to come help out and join in. There isn't a goal we need to reach and I'm more than aware that people and places have already contributed but, it's quintessential that the giving and the care surpass the T.V. showcases and CNN red alerts. Just because the weekend is over doesn't mean that the struggle in Haiti is as well.

Canada has raised more than 67 million dollars already which was matched by the government. Let's contribute more to that already impressive number and put our own northern stamp on the funds headed south.

Thanks everyone. Big Update tomorrow. . . . talk to you then


Clare said...

Nice to see this happening in Iqaluit. Good on you guys, well done.

Jordan~Stephanie said...

Thank you Clare.

Jordan~Stephanie said...

Thank you Clare.

Heather said...

If I can help, email or call me. I'll be back on the 29th.