Friday, January 22, 2010

Iqaluit Helps Haiti

. . .that's what I want to do.

I've pulled my hair out trying to round up the many events/benefits/fundraisers that are going on plus, organizing one myself. I'm currently planning an "Aid through our Arts" event featuring Iqaluit's finest musicians, singers, artists, poets, dancers, ANYBODY artistic.

I could really use the help of the greatest blogging community alive. In the minutes,hours, and days to follow, I'll be posting different pieces of this event as it comes together. If you could help me in the following 3 ways, it would do so much to help my efforts:

1) Do you want to participate? Musically . . . artistically? Let me know.
Do you know someone who would want to participate musically . . .artistically?
Do you have the contacts for people, organizations, clubs, or people who would like to participate?

2) Do you know of an event that's going on? . . .this would help me rope us all together because it seems as though we are all trying to help individually . . . plus, this way I don't double book.

3) BUZZ . . . please help the pulse of this by generating buzz. Obviously you'll have more to tell as I get calls back and confirmation but, the more buzz I have, the more money we'll raise.

So far this is what we/I have:

3 Venue Event . . . Circulating Artists of every kind . . . all proceeds going to Red Cross and a local Haitian family here in Iqaluit who've been directly affected by the events in Haiti . . .12 hours of entertainment . . . on A Saturday as early as the 30th. . . Musicians confirmed . . . Venues confirmed . . .

Now I want to fill in every space with all the great things Iqaluit has to offer. Visual Arts, music, people, stories, writings, findings, carvings, everything . . .

Now, if Raven Rock gets around to e-mailing me back . . . we'd have a large scale medium to broadcast this from.

Wish me luck . . . and thanks for your time.


Melissa said...

Best of luck organizing this! We're trying to get some stuff organized at our school in Rankin, too! All the best.

vonScout said...

I will be up somewhere around jan26-february5th. Depending on when you are having the event, I would definately participate.