Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Dear Toronto Townie!

THIS is such a fun read.

It's amazing to read such an amazing account of our city!

It seems like forever since we've been there and to hear someone like TB talk about the transit and the chaos that Toronto can be, only reminded us of how badly we need a Toronto fix. If we weren't so busy the past week, we would've taken the time to list off some great places to visit for our Blog-Hero. However, since he is a diligent writer and reader of all things Northern Blogging . . .and since we now have the Internationally Recognized, soon to be rewarded, crown-achieving, HUB of Blogging . . . We've thought of a little last minute list for Townie and Co. to try and fit in to their visit. Feel free to add via comment . . .

- GRAZIE. The greatest Toronto restaurant in our opinion. Head to YONGE AND EGLINTON . . head north, green sign!

- SILVER SNAIL - T.B. . . .I know you love comics and all things comic related. THIS is your one stop shop! 367 Queen St. W.

- THE IRISH EMBASSY. Maybe the greatest T.O. pub . . . Amazing food . . . amazing Guiness.

- SOMA - Chocolatemaker. For a cup of the best Hot Chocolate known to man.

Grab some fresh Tim Hortons . . . Use High Speed Internet . . . get a "PINT" of Beer!

And just a note to the transit. If you get on, there are maps everywhere. Sure, it's flooded with people but, give it time . . . it'll come easy. Cab drivers are RIDICULOUS . . . don't even bother.

Toronto . . . we miss you!

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towniebastard said...

Thanks guys. I'm sure I would have had more observations, but I was rushed for time writing that last night.

As for comic stores, I walked passed the Silver Snail. It's got a great selection, but I find the staff hit and miss. I went to the one in Ottawa and they were incredibly rude to me, so that's that.

Meanwhile, the Beguiling staff were super nice and kidding around with me. So I was happy to toss them a few (too few, but what can you do) dollars.

Thanks for the other recommendations. Should I escape the airport limbo I'm in, I'll try and get to some of them