Sunday, November 8, 2009

So . . . we Curl now!

Bad Blogger, Jordan, Bad Blogging. First post in two weeks!

In the land of all things "Shelter", we have somewhat hit a stride in our life up here. We're out and about, socializing, making friends, making acquaintances, and now, we're Curling. Not only are we Curling, we LOVE it.

At "Mass Registration" Steph signed us up and since then, we've been pretty excited to start but, never did we ever imagine just how much fun Curling would be. The atmosphere is so welcoming and the instrustors are so insightful and fun. It's something everyone should try once . . . put it up there with Skydiving because believe us, when not careful, you could probably plummet to your death on the Curling Rink!

We can remember reading a lot of Nunavut Newbies blogs on how important it was to be involved in the community. This is so incredibly true. You really DO have a choice. You either waste away your days staying in and complaining that there's nothing to do or, you go out and find the activities, pressing your finger to the pulse, and truly enjoying your time up here. In 2 months we've experienced more than we would in 2 years in Ontario and it's all due to the fact that we read ads, ask questions, and try everything this great city has to offer . . . and it IS a city.

And what would you know, our Townie Bastard is a pro Curler . . .


towniebastard said...

Oh yes, Pro Curler who got his ass kicked in a practice game yesterday. A useful reminder that no matter how good you think you're getting, you're not there yet.

Glad to hear you and Steph are enjoying yourselves so much. And you're right, you have to get out in the community and do something. Fortunately, Iqaluit has no shortage of people willing to take advantage of your spare time.

Jordan~Stephanie said...

. . . like our neighbour? ha