Monday, November 23, 2009

The Sun Sets Around 3:00pm

. . .it's a fact.

I've decided to make this blog more of a regiment. I doubt I'll be able to write everyday but, I think one or two posts every 2 weeks is pretty lazy. I've written before about the lack of inspiration at times but, I think that phase has passed. Tonight I was blinded by snow and I felt inspired by it.

How do I paint a picture of what it's like here in November?

It is always cold. I was early on the "Canada Goose Jacket" sporting but I'm chalking it up as a Pre-Season activity. We wear our jackets everywhere we go. You have too. There have been days where any bare skin exposed hurt within seconds. Maybe we're both still suffering from being Southerners but, the cold up here is very dry and it hits your skin first. In Ontario, you felt the cold in your bones first then you dealt with your skin. The night that was coldest so far, was the 9th. The night of the Olympic Torch relay. Which (by the way) I was an alternate for! I also arranged for the torch to be brought into the pub and most of the evening staff as well as some of our regulars got their picture taken with it. I'll post it when I scan it!

Check this slogan out for my next paragraph:

"The snow is so white, they might as well call it Dana!"

The snow is a majestic and beautiful white. When it falls it's graceful and when it sits it is peaceful. There isn't any slush or grimey snow. Since you don't have a lot of pavement and Zero curbs, you don't have that sludge build up everywhere you look. The perma-frost makes for a very slippery ground but, the walk around town is visually stunning. You look into the distance and see the hills and small mountains all covered in snow. It truly is a blanket of snow.

We've been keeping warm and staying in a lot these days. Home-cooked meals are becoming more and more frequent and hoodies are a household favourite. The cats have become really really animated. Penny seems to like to be in the kitchen with us and we've developped somewhat of a theme song for her. We've taken the "I've Got a Feeling" line from that song a few people have heard the odd time on the radio, and replaced it with "Cookin' with Penny". Much to our amusement, the "Ewwww-Ewwww" that follows in the song, Penny sings . . .with a Meow. Follow by a somersault . . (if you know Penny, you'd understand better)

All is well and all is warm.

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