Monday, November 30, 2009

Holiday Shopping

We've had the convenience of having malls both big and small at our leisure each and every holiday season until this one. It amazes me how long I've spent "Online Shopping" this week. Remember when you used to plan a group outing to the mall. You and a handful of friends, White Hot Chocolates, crossing off items on your list, and of course, complaining about all the people you want to buy for who probably won't buy for you . . . Those were the days. . .

You'll find that this isn't so much the time of season to be jolly, rather, tis' the season to keep a watchful eye on your AeroPlan miles!

How we forgot to mention this, I'm not sure but, if you're planning on coming up here and are reading this as an early survival guide, stop what you are doing and sign up for a CIBC AEROPLAN VISA. AeroPlan points are like blood diamonds around here. Any who travels or shops up here uses their card religiously. When a stores Credit/Debit machine goes down, there is usually a herd of angry humans waving pitchforks and torches in disgust. Seriously though, take advantage of the rewards. Most Aeroplan cards give you a dollar-point ratio of 1:1 on everything you buy while some can offer you even more. I don't work for CIBC or anything, but, seeing as how I must swipe 100 of them a week from people all over, it's just the right thing to do. But if CIBC is reading this and wants to give me an AEROPLAN card with no limits that I never have to pay on the comment link and we'll get the ball rollin'!

In keeping with the topic of shopping, so far we haven't hit any major delays with shipping. Steph's gifts arrived in under 2 weeks and today I finally ordered everything so, we'll keep you posted. For the most part, everything takes a week or 2. I'd love to be more articulate but I just can't. I've seen things take days and I've seen things take weeks; it's all a matter of how fast the product goes out and where it leaves from, just like anywhere else.

We've decided to label November 30th "D-Day" for ordering anything in hopes to have it for before Christmas. We're playing it safe. We also had our Tree up on the 8th of November so, maybe we're in a little bit of a rush!

Carvings, Carvings, Carvings . . . it seems that everyone I talk to from "down south" wants a carving. It's a great idea but, economically, it may not be. Big carvings are heavy . . . heavy weight=heavy freight . . . heavy freight= $$$. The local art is amazing and makes for beautiful gifts but just be careful and be mindful of shipping costs.

Is it just me or does being up north make you feel like this will be the best Christmas ever? Between the glorious white snow that surrounds us and the crisp smell of winter that's filled my lungs since October, it feels like Christmas is more alive this year. Oh wait, maybe it's because we're closer to the North Pole.

Mom, send my Santa Suit!

December tomorrow . . .Let the Countdown Begin!


Tara Muise said...

my advice? hold off on the visa until your first paycheque...that way your higher salary is verified and your limit is a whole lot higher. i went from barely being approved for anything with my job in ottawa to an 'cibc infinite aeroplan card' (above gold) just for waiting a month and a half. very cool. really low interest and a $1:1.5 a skidoo with that (like i did), and you're set.


Lindsay Niedzielski said...

We have an American Express Aeroplan card...much the same, but I do believe that after we spend a certain amount of money, the rest of the year we earn aeroplan points at 1.25 for every $1 spent...just another option resulting in the same thing (free trips home hopefully!!!) I agree that it is a must when you live up here, and it is best to start earning right at the beginning so you have a chance to use them.

Anonymous said...

I recall sending carvings down south in one of those ~$15 express bubble package where it doesn't matter about the weight. Get a compact carving (no intricate details), wrap it very well in bubble wrap, socks, etc. and stick it in one of those packages.....