Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Project: Celebrity

Steph will tell you that (at times) I'm the world's most naive person. Steph's also an avid People.Com and reader. So, the lives of celebrities alike are something we often talk about. Naturally, the duty of a bartender is to engage in somewhat interesting conversation with your patrons. It got brought up today at work that celebrities are completely unapproachable and think they're above the rest of the world. I'll admit that everyone is entitled to their opinion but, I hate generalizations sometimes, especially when they aren't justified. Steph will also tell you that I sometimes go out of my way to prove points and also have the reputation of using dramatics as well!

Let the record show that this all started when the topic of Oprah was greeted by a patron with a response of "Good, it's about time."

To keep things fair, I'm going to leave the patron's name out of these accounts. Not their quotes though...Here are a few of my favourites.

"...they don't even know how the rest of the world sees them. They just get told their cool..."

"Probably never graduated high school."

"Pay people to like them"

"wouldn't lend somebody the time" . . I think he or she meant "give"

So then there was a back-and-forth debate on individual celebrities and stories that prove both opinions. Then I brought up "Ellen" . . .who in my opinion is the greatest thing on television. She's genuine and fun, giving and generous. She's just great. And what was said by my opponent was "She only gives to people when other people are watching. Just like Oprah . . . just like any other celebrity, big or small, it's all for ratings or for their own benefit."

I've decided to test that theory. I'm going to find mailing information to any and every celebrity I can think of. I'm going to make a list, check it twice, and we'll see who's agencies or which celebrity is naughty or nice.

Geez, I should start a new blog just about this . . . I'm not going to though.

I'm going to ask for an autographed picture and nothing more. The postage will be fair trade and when I request this photo, I'll simply state that I'm a huge fan and am in an area that prohibits me from ever getting the opportunity to get an autograph myself. When or if I receive anything, I'll promptly bring it into the pub and show my fellow regular! In a perfect world, I'll get a picture from everyone and rub his or her face in all my findings. I just find unnecessary criticism annoying and one of my biggest pet-peeves are people who label, judge, and preach without rhyme or reason. Everyone is an individual and deserves to be without prejudice . . . celebrities included.

I'm calling it: "Project: Celebrity"

Hell . . .maybe I'll start with Ellen.

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